In Ancient Times …

Heute darf ich eine Geschichte meiner Freundin und Kollegin Marlene veröffentlichen, die mich sehr berührt hat.




In ancient times, when we were young, we went out in the wilderness for a few days. Out in the unknown, where we were learning from the shaman. He was teaching us all we needed to know. We learned how to read the signs on the sand, how to read a tree, how see the signs in the sky. We learned about all and everything that was possible to learn at this moment in time.

Then we went back and stayed with our families. A lot of us were disappointed, because we weren’t able to use what we learned in any way, because most of our people already knew that.


After about one or two years, the shaman came back and we went out again in the nowhere. We learned to listen to the hidden messages of our environment. That was a very important lesson and usually we were all very happy, because now we could read more than our families. A lot of us got into trouble by misusing the knowledge.

Eventually after few years of the struggle to be someone who you are not, our group declined. Now we were very few people, who were using the knowledge in a good way and we were grown men and women.


This is when the shaman took us another time out there. That time he showed us how to make it rain, how to deal with a snake and make her go away. We learned how to speak and how to deal with our environment. We learned how we can use our power in making a situation better. Through that we learned humility.

Then we returned and at that time, we were usually respected healers and people came to us for cure.




A few years later the shaman came again to go with the few of us out in the nowhere. Now we were only very few people, because many decided to keep working as healers and didn’t want to go any further.

Out in the nowhere, the shaman taught us how to change things, how to influence the life. We were able to communicate with all and everybody on different levels now. We were able to fly, without flying, we were able to talk to people, although we were miles apart. We learned to speak to the animals even if they were very far away and we learned to listen to the water, that was somewhere out there and let us being guided to find it. It was a way that we only heard of our ancestors to be able to do and we felt very blessed to be able to do so.

When we returned we became the leaders of our tribes. We showed our people where we needed to go and what we had to expect. When the weather was changing or where we could find water. We knew when someone from a different tribe did arrive. We knew what we had to expect when we met someone new.

This is when we were in our power and when we were strong and able to guide our tribe.





Then came a day when the shaman came for the last time and asked to come with him. Only one person and sometimes even nobody went with him.

When they arrived out in the unknown for a last time, the follower was quietly sitting around the fire and listening to the shaman. The shaman was telling him stories. He didn’t show him anything, he was only telling stories; stories from the past, but also from the future. Stories of unknown places and unknown people.

After three days of only telling stories, the shaman asked him to tell a story himself. The follower stood up and started to talk. His words were not his anymore. He drew them from another source. His words were new and not any he had ever used. They came from other places. Other voices were using his, but this was the moment when he became a sacred storyteller.

When the shaman said goodbye to him, he knew he would never see him again. The follower went back to his people and became the greatest storyteller. His stories did change perceptions, did change the heart of the people and carried the wisdom of mankind. He was the wise old man of the tribe.


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